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Python MCQ Questions and Answers (Part – 3)

(Q) Study the following program:

class Std_Name:   
    def __init__(self, Std_firstName, Std_Phn, Std_lastName):  
        self.Std_firstName = Std_firstName  
        self. Std_PhnStd_Phn = Std_Phn  
        self. Std_lastNameStd_lastName = Std_lastName  
Std_firstName = "Wick"  
name = Std_Name(Std_firstName, 'F', "Bob")  
Std_firstName = "Ann"  
name.lastName = "Nick"  
print(name.Std_firstName, name.Std_lastName)  

What will be the output of this statement?

A. Ann Bob
B. Ann Nick
C. Wick Bob
D. Wick Nick

Answer: D. Wick Nick

C. invalid code

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(Q) How we can convert the Numpy array to the list in python?

A. list(array)
B. list.array
C. array.list
D. None of the above

Answer:A. list(array)

(Q) Which of the following is incorrect?

A. x = 0b101
B. x = 0x4f5
C. x = 19023
D. x = 03964 

Answer: D. x = 03964

(Q) Which of the following declarations is incorrect?

A. _x = 2
B. __x = 3
C. __xyz__ = 5
D. None of these

Answer: D. None of these

(Q) What is the output of print 0.1 + 0.2 == 0.3?

A. True
B. False
C. Machine dependent 
D. Error

Answer : B. False

(Q) Study the following program:

i = 1:
while True:
    if i%3 == 0:

Which of the following is the correct output of this program?

A. 1 2 3
B. 3 2 1
C. 1 2
D. Invalid syntax

Answer: D. Invalid syntax

(Q) In which year was the Python language developed?

A. 1995
B. 1972
C. 1981
D. 1989

Answer: D. 1989

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